What is baccarat game?

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Officially of the baccarat game, there are three widely known game variations. Namely baccarat chemin de fer, baccarat banque or baccarat deux tables and punto banco (also called North American baccarat).

The latter is the baccarat version we most often encounter in online casinos. The main difference between punto banco and the other baccarat versions is that punto banco is vastly simplified.
In punto banco, the casino is always the dealer and is the only baccarat version. Where you can bet on a tie. Over time these names have become a bit mixed up. And nowadays you will find baccarat tables especially in online casinos that actually play punto banco.

For convenience, therefore we will stick with the name baccarat UFABET 

What is the purpose of baccarat game?

The ultimate goal of the game is simpler than simple. You have to bet on who you think is going to score 9 points or as close to it as possible, the bank or the player. Since this is basically punto banco you can also bet on a draw.

Baccarat game rules.

The basic baccarat game rules are simple. Players may bet on the outcome of the hand. In online baccarat you can bet on three different possibilities:

– victory for the bank
– victory for the player
– a tie