‘Tuchel’ warns ‘Kane’ about being nervous on the field

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Bayern Munich boss Thomas Tuchel warns Manchester United that striker Harry Kane Looking forward to entering the Champions League game in the middle of this week, the

“Southern Tigers” will travel to Old Trafford to play their farewell game in the group stage this Tuesday night. They have already passed to play in the next round. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

The “Red Devils” need to win. Ready to wait for the results of the match between Copenhagen and Galatasaray. Whether he will be dropped to the round of 16 or not,

Tuchel sees that Kane is eager to return to England. To play in this game, “Yes, for him it’s 100%. He’s a winner, he’s a champion.”

“It’s good to be back in England. And going to Old Trafford, Harry will like it, I think. He’ll be looking forward to it.” “

Harry is a top professional. A wonderful person who has adapted well to life in Germany.”

“Life in Munich It’s a good life. He speaks German very well! Munich is a safe city. It’s a beautiful city.”

“We have a lot of nature. Plus there are plenty of golf courses for Harry to enjoy. When he had a break Everyone speaks English. Which is good for him. It helped him a lot.”