The Origin of Baccarat as We Know it Today.

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The most popular form of baccarat today is that of Punto Banco. With banco of course translating to ‘banker’ (as outlined in our extensive baccarat glossary). Which was only introduced to the mass gaming market of Las Vegas in 1959. At the time, Chemin de Fer was prevalent. But the Tommy Renzoni-version of the game took off.

The origin of this game is said to be Argentina’s Mar del Plata casino. Being developed less than a decade before it arrived. However house-banked baccarat was also played in Cuba’s capital Havana. in the 1940s It’s this baccarat that features 1:1 returns and a 0.5 per cent commission on banker bets UFABET 

The record for the biggest win in history was set by Aiko “The Warrior” Kashiwagi. Who won a cool $6 million in the Casino in Atlantic City by betting $200K per hand. Unfortunately for Aiko he also held the record for the biggest losing streak on the game too. Set when he blew $10 million on high-stakes versions of the same game in the same casino.

The first time that the word ‘baccarat’ appeared in print in an English-speaking country was in January 1886. When it was mentioned in the Daily newspaper in the UK.