Juventus ready to send Vlahovic in exchange for Felix.

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The Mirror reports that Juventus are willing to swap striker Dusan Vlahovic with Atletico Madrid forward Joao Felix.

         The Atletico star has been repeatedly linked with a move after not being a regular starter due to poor performances. There are also reports that the relationship with Diego Simeone. The team’s trainer is not good as well.

         It is believed that Manchester United, Chelsea, Newcastle and Aston Villa are interest. It was reported that George Mendes the player’s agent was preparing to travel to England to negotiate with many teams.

         However the “Zebra” is also involve in the news. According to the Mirror the club are willing to swap Vlahovic for Felix UFABET

         Since joining from Fiorentina, the Serbian forward has only manage 16 goals and four assists in 36 games far below expectations. Causing news to move the team as well.

For Dusan Vlahovitch is a player in the position of the striker. There is a highlight in terms of body physiology high energy. Able to handle impact well, with a height of 190 centimeters. It gives him quite an advantage when playing the ball in the air. Whether it is defensive or scoring a goal. Where can you rest the ball or deposit the ball for your friends? Moving in a good way. He is a player who finds himself well in the box. Has a sharp left foot and is very decisive.