Guardiol settles in Leipzig despite Bayern Munich under the care.

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Croatian defender Yoshko Guardiol will play for RB Leipzig until next season. After being a target of Bayern Munich football team from the confirmation of famous journalists.

Guardiol has been in solid form for Croatia as they progress to the semi-finals against Argentina. When they play on Tuesday December 13.

The 20-year-old defender is already playing well at club level with RB Leipzig after joining the team last season. UFABET And just recently there was news that Bayern are constantly watching and have already begun talking to representatives of the players.

However, Florian Plettenberg, a well-known German journalist. Revealed that he had not made any contact or meeting. between the parties Ready to be confident that the young center of the future will continue to play with Leipzig until next season.

It also stated that Guardiol had no contract clause. Causing the opportunity to get the southern tiger is difficult and must look for other options in this position

Manchester City and Chelsea are also among Premier League clubs interested in Guardiol.

Yosco Guardiol is a left-footed centre-back. Considered a type of player that is very rare in this era. Ample strength can handle impact and play the ball well in the air. He has excellent reading and cutting skills has access to the ball quickly, and is also good at putting long balls. But on the other hand. He is considered a player with quite a bit of flexibility. Because in addition to the defensive position, your elder brother can rock to play in the left-back position or defensive midfielder as well. It can be called another versatile shin in this era. And the German media have compared Yosco Guardiol’s name to David Alaba, like Gein.