Gallas believes Ronaldo move to Chelsea is perfect.

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Former France defender William Gallas has advised Chelsea to sign Cristiano Ronaldo because it’s good for everyone.

He has parted ways with Manchester United following a negative interview with the club. Before going ahead with the 2022 World Cup with the Portuguese national team. Which has now been eliminated in the 8th round is smooth after a shock defeat to Morocco. 

The 37-year-old star player who is currently without a club. UFABET To decide the future of football at the club level. After previously denying rumors with Al Nasser in the Saudi Arabian league

Gallas, who played for Chelsea for several years. Thinks it would be a perfect fit if his former club brought Ronaldo to the team in the short term of six months. 

“What I know is that Todd Bohly wanted Cristiano Ronaldo when Thomas Tuchel didn’t. Maybe now is a good opportunity to bring Ronaldo here Chelsea for six months.  

“It would be good for Ronaldo to join Chelsea to play in the Champions League. And to benefit Chelsea too because they need a striker.” Gallas said.

Portuguese football star He remains a free agent after terminating his contract with Manchester United and has been linked with a Saudi Arabian club. “Indigo Blue Lions” will be a good solution for CR7 and for the club too.

“What I know is that Todd Bohly wants Cristiano Ronaldo in his team while Thomas Tuchel doesn’t. Maybe it’s a good opportunity to sign six. months with Ronaldo.” Gallas said.