Carvalho talks about this season not as good as last year.

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Liverpool young midfielder Fabio Carvalho has spoken about why the team’s performance this season is not. As good as it should be from playing not pressing like last season.

         “Reds” had a difficult start in the Premier League this season. By collecting only 22 points from 14 games, 15 points behind Arsenal the leader of the crowd. Which Carvalho pointed out that the reason why the team did not play well was because it did not press against opponents like. The team did it last season UFABET 

         “We watched the play video from last season and obviously it helped,” Carvalho told “We have to get back to pressing like the team did last year. It was very useful in the game and we created a lot of chances from it.

         “We haven’t squeezed games to the same level this year and when that’s what we’re working on and will continue to do. Hopefully we’ll be back in the best spot. Obviously, the World Cup break helps to rest and recover. But we have to come back immediately and that’s what we want. We must not live like this. We have to come back.”

         “We have important games coming up, the Carabao Cup (against Manchester City on December 22) and then Boxing Day. in the game ahead.”