Busquets preparing to retire from the Spanish national team.

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Sergio Busquets is leaving the Spanish national football team to make way for Luis de la Fuente to build a new generation of Spanish squad.

Deario Sport correspondent Tony Juan Marty revealed on Sunday that midfielder Sergio Busquets the 34 year old is considering a retirement from the Spanish national team. After the bull army made disappointing results from the World Cup 2022 battle.

Busquets’ idea was to play with La Roja all the way to next summer’s UEFA Nations League. But the round of 16 exit at the World Cup in Qatar was a daunting prospect. Major damage on his personal level After the 34-year-old midfielder felt humiliated by being an attacking target. As he was one of three players to take penalties. UFABET He did not join Pablo Sarabia and Carlos Soler.

Meanwhile, Luis Enrique Martinez, who had encouraged the 34-year-old midfielder to continue playing for the Spanish side has also stepped down. Before the Spanish Football Federation since Luis de la Fuente was the new boss. 

According to reports, Busquets is considering his future at club and international level. It is likely that he will decide to leave the ‘La Roja’ army to open the way. For De La Fuente to start building a new team.