The dangers of “sleeping too little“

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The dangers of “sleeping too little

Everyone should know that “sleep” is the best rest for the body. Because the body needs adequate rest and balance every day, but to know this. There are not many people. Who do not pay attention to sleep as they should. Which may because they do not know. How sleep deprivation How can it cause damage? Which may be more than you think updeat at ทางเข้า ufabet

in people who are not very young You may not feel that sleep deprivation isn’t a big deal. Your body doesn’t react to inadequate or lack of sleep. Some people even think of it as a personal challenge. Because the body is still able to cope. But that’s not a good idea at all. It’s more like a slow suicide, because what follows will definitely have negative consequences.

And this is a cautionary tale for those who sleep less. That there is no way of knowing. If the danger has not yet arrived, if not necessary, do not sleep too much Because our bodies are not that tough. Save it for a long time.

  1. unresponsive brain

The brain is the organ that controls the functioning of every organ in the body. That means if the brain is unresponsive or slow to respond. Every part of the body will go along with it. A study from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom found that people. Who sleep less than 7-8 hours will cause the brain to produce a protein that destroys brain cells. It also affects the entire immune system of the body. that acts to prevent pathogens from destroying various cells in the body

Therefore, lack of sleep directly affects the brain. when the brain is not resting Less self-repair can be done, the brain will be blurred, lack of concentration, dizziness, slow command of the brain. The body will slow down other activities as well and affect the memory of things.

  1. have memory problems

A study from the American Psychological Association (APA) found that people who slept between 10pm and 11pm had a significant effect on memory and concentration. resulting from the functioning of the brain. When the brain is not resting does not repair itself as well as it should Efficiency in thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, reduced concentration, and affecting memory. can often cause forgetfulness Until it may cause brain fatigue or Brain Fog, which will be at risk of dementia. or Alzheimer’s in the near future

  1. restless mood

sleep deprivation or sleep deprivation causing the life clock to malfunction Which definitely affects emotions, feelings and thoughts. The more sleep deprivation, the more our brain becomes dull, lacks concentration, and memory is poor. Mood swings, low tolerance, difficult to approach others and may cause depression as well which could lead to suicide Because the most common symptom in patients with is insomnia. Which may result in becoming a chronic insomniac, so getting enough sleep will make it easier to be happy. Including stimulating alertness to the body

  1. weight gain easy obesity

Insufficient sleep can interfere with the digestive system. The metabolic system in the body will fluctuate. Even though eating the same but burns less than before The energy therefore accumulates until the weight exceeds the standard. eventually become obese and when the digestive system has problems The excretory system that works continuously is also affected. The body that does not excrete waste from the body. The longer it is, the more dangerous it is. The risk of being sick with colon cancer from studies and research found that in 1,240 people, there were people who slept less than 6 hours with 47 percent of colon cancer symptoms ever.

  1. poor health

Less rest affects the immune system of the body. when the immune system is ineffective It’s not uncommon to get sick often. low immunity exhausted body have vertigo and ready to knock at any time risk of heart attack And other diseases, ask for both diabetes because blood sugar and insulin levels will increase rapidly. to the risk of insulin resistance coronary heart disease Lack of sleep will cause the body to accumulate protein in the heart. cause blood clots Plus, there is a chance that your blood pressure will rise separately. which is no different from unknowingly committing suicide

The deteriorating body is slowly deteriorating, eventually breaking down. It affects the brain, heart, blood vessels, endocrine glands and body immunity. research that indicates that people sleep less than 6 hours per night the risk of dying from a heart attack can have a stroke And dangerous for people with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and abdominal obesity.