I run itchy. Does that mean the fat is really starting to break down?

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I run itchy. Does that mean the fat is really starting to break down?

Feelings after finishing a new run or while running For beginners learning to run I didn’t feel like I was so tired that I couldn’t breathe. Tired like I’m about to die. But there is another feeling that often occurs to many people, that is, itching on the body or legs. It can include the thighs, hips, or waist.

Some people think positively that after running, the fat begins to break down until they can feel it. I’m happy because I thought. I was going to be thin. What was it run itchy really like? Let’s find the answer at ทางเข้า ufabet

Why does running make me itchy?

Itching on the legs, torso, hips, or other parts of the body while running or after just finishing running It is a reaction of nerve fibers that contain a protein called “histamine”.

Normally, histamine is released when the body has an allergic reaction to certain substances. By the function of histamine is secreted to increase the immediate expansion of blood vessels This is so that the body will increase the rate of blood flow to the injured tissue. or have symptoms of infection To transport the immune system in the blood to quickly manage the tissue in the problem area. And of course, the side effects of histamine dilating blood vessels. Will cause itching.

But in addition to the main function of histamine as mentioned above, Histamine is also released when intense exercise occurs. Because people who rarely exercise, their muscles or circulatory system may not be used to being stimulated by intense exercise for the first time. The body therefore secretes histamine to expand the blood vessels to allow the circulatory system to run itchy transport blood to various parts. of the body faster Prevent fatigue and helps us be more resilient

So whoever runs or exercise heavily. Then itchy all over the body. Shows that you rarely exercise. Nerves that are in that area, such as in the legs, hips, torso, or even the upper arms. Therefore, they are more sensitive to histamine than people who exercise regularly.

After running, what should I do?

The easy solution is to endure it for now. This level of itching will just subside. at a tolerable level When resting your body after running or after exercising for a while The itching will disappear and you should run or exercise continuously every day. (or almost every day) so that the nerves become less sensitive to histamine. The itching will gradually disappear on its own.

However, if you are running or exercising and it is especially itchy. It’s not just a simple itchy bump. Itchy and doesn’t go away It may be due to other causes, such as the dampness of sweat in the body that reacts with the clothes used for exercising. It may not be ventilated well enough. Unclean clothes or there is residue from detergent and other causes But it’s definitely not fat like many people think. It takes several months for the fat to gradually decay. And it definitely doesn’t make us feel that clear.

However, we would like you to know run itchy that You’re on the right track. I ran and it was itchy. That’s a good sign. Keep running. Keep fighting.